Inspired by Michael Arloski (Wellness Coaching for lasting lifestyle change

Imagine you are convinced that certain aspect of your life needs changing, and you want to feel fulfilled in these aspects. While certain dimensions of your life might be satisfying, maybe you are rich, you have a good job and great friends, other dimensions might be a source of frustration for you. Well, don’t we all have our share of this sort of things?

Imagine that you have expended, over the years, enormous resources and great energy to change and grow. Let’s assume that you have succeeded in some areas, but other areas feel like boggy swamp where progress is like walking knee- to thigh deep in failure, sadness, regrets and perhaps self-hatred.

As is usual you have spoken to close family and trusted friends and they have done ‘everything’ within their means to ‘help’. They may have given you all manner of advice and criticism while imploring and cheering you on. All the motivation seemed based on their own agenda for your life. Despite their efforts and yours to work with them, you still feel like you are essentially alone and still bogged down in that swamp.

Now imagine that you begin to talk with someone who’s approach towards assisting you in tackling your difficulties and challenges is entirely different, genuinely realistic and completely focused and result oriented. They listen to you, really listened and not just waiting for their turn to talk. You feel they hear and understand you. Rather than stand above you, they stand beside you and with you all the way. Their agenda is your agenda. This person does not live with you, but they work for and with you.

Imagine you have employed them to help you find your way through that swamp that has been an impediment to your progress. They will require you to investigate yourself, to acknowledge your strengths and build upon them in order to confront your fears. They ask questions not so much to gain information, as to require you to seek answers from within yourself, to benefit yourself. They are equipped with tools that help you take stock of your life and with effective methods for change. They acknowledge that you are ready to make those changes and they ask your permission to delve deeper and push you further. You are treated with respect and compassion, while you are confronted and challenged to do your best. When you make a commitment for action, they help you hold yourself accountable so that you will accomplish your goals in the time frame you allocate.

This person goes beyond gathering information and stresses motivation, they help you to find within yourself the motivation needed to initiate, sustain and maintain change.

At the end of the swamp, they will also be there to celebrate your success with you.

This person is your coach!!!

Can you relate to the above write up? What is it like for you? Please share your story.


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